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          Round Duct Grooving Machine

          Round Duct Grooving Machine

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          Round Duct Grooving Machine Performance Features:



          Sheet thickness(mm)






          Round duct grooving machine










          There are manual and electric types of round duct grooving machine, it's mainly used for beading round pipe and connection, and can be made by special rolling wheels of different shapes of the workpiece. Such as flange, envelope, mortise, bead groove, and customers can make the custom-made special forming requirement. This round duct grooving machine is widely used in HVAC duct fabrication system industry, mainly for flanging and beading with special rollers. Round duct processing machine includes electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct. The round duct processing machine made by BLKMA company is very suitable for making small round duct and nonstandard round duct with economic and efficient advantages. Based on the quality of the product management, its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable price, and improve after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese and foreign customers praise. BLKMA Brand is popular in the market domestic and abroad. BLKMA company have independent research and development institutions, with the domestic strong product research and development of skills. We are specialized in the exporting business with CE certification. Our products are widely exported to Southeast Asia, EU, South America, the Middle East and other areas & markets, with good quality, suitable price, comprehensive after-sales service. We are widely welcomed by customers and unanimously approved. Our company ambition is "Your success is that we pursue", It is also the company's entrepreneurial spirit, we are looking forward to domestic and overseas friends to visit. We are relentless in pursuit of customer satisfaction commitment: 48 hours of service to users in place. Users think of things we have to think that customers do not want to do we do, users of the products, service quality, reputation, firm.

          Round Duct Grooving Machine Basic Configuration:

          • One motor
          • One electronic box
          • One electric control system
          • One punch mold

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